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  • Invest time in what you want to do. Life doesn't last long.

  • Is there a need to bring everything into context? Why not just let them be? Enjoy them as they are.

  • Don't put everything in right and wrong boxes/brackets.

  • Whatever pleases mind is happiness.

  • Question of liking and attraction comes from incompleteness.

  • Greater the feeling of incompleteness, stronger the liking.

  • The stronger the like, more happiness.

  • More suffering, deep incompleteness, greater intensity of likes.

  • No missing, No pleasure, but suffering is must in the duality plane.

  • If you want no suffering, go towards the Origin.

  • The highest happiness is joy.

  • Renunciation is not a particular act. It is the spontaneous dropping that happens when you see how stupid it is to keep holding.

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