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1001 Chapter 2

"Brother, we are going to reach home, reset your mood."

Taking a deep breath, he relaxed. Everything that happened was not in his control, and it won't be in his power unless he becomes powerful.

No tricks work in front of influential people.

Divya maybe a chess piece for the one behind his breakup with her, but she means a lot to the current Krishna.

Their home was located in the north of the Yadava Clan's land. His father was called Nanda Yadava. A powerful cultivator and a great elder in the Clan.

A clan consisted of people from the same ancestry. There were very many clans. To be called a Clan, there need to be three generations lived. The Yadava Clan was a new clan as his great-grandfather was the founder, and he was a third-generation child.

In short, they were not a great clan. Still, the Clan was recognized because of two people, the now-called fallen genius and the previous generation's genius both came from the same Clan. Moreover, they were a father and a son. How can that even be real?

He told his Second Sister to keep everything that happened under wraps as he didn't want trouble for the family. Then he entered the house. He was the same as before but not. He quickly went to his room for a bath.

After the bath, he lay on his bed and pondered on what to do next but reached nowhere. By the time he came to the main room, it was already dinner time.

"Krishna, come and have dinner. Mom made your favorite dinner today. Have it to your fill." His mom called out.

"Coming." Why did mom make my favorite today? It's not a particular day. Whatever, let's eat. Hahaha.

When he entered the dining hall, almost everyone was sitting there. His whole family was here. His father sat at the head chair. His family consisted of his mother Devaki, First Brother Kirttimat, Second Sister Shambhavi, Fifth Sister Upassana, Third Brother Pradyuman, Sixth Sister Bhargavi, Seventh Brother Raam. This was their whole family. Besides Pradyuman, everyone was present.

The food was served after everyone settled down. In the dinner, there was Krishna's favorite dish, the carrot pudding. Krishna's eyes glimmered with greediness for that. But he didn't have it as there was a custom to pray before eating. After the prayer, you could only eat after the family head takes a morsel. As soon as his dad took a bite, Krishna attacked the carrot pudding and took quite a handful of it on his plate.

Looking at the scene, everyone was in a joyous mood.

"Krishna..." His mother muttered. She hesitated for a second before deciding something. She looked at her husband for a second and nodded.

"Everyone, I have decided something for all of you. If it is alright with you all, I suggest you all grab this once a lifetime opportunity." Nanda Yadava spoke.

Everyone was shocked to hear this. The sibling's father never considered their opinion before this. Even before sending their Eldest Brother to the military, he never asked for his advice.

Curiously, Krishna asked, "What opportunities?"

"You all will head to the marketplace in the inner city today. Stay sharp."

"That is all?"

Nanda Yadava just nodded and started eating.

For a few minutes, it was awkward at the table. But soon Krishna started his attacks again, everything went back to normal.

Nanda reminded his children again to go to the marketplace.

Everyone went back to their room and started to prepare. Some took the best weapons, some the best clothes and some just the money.

There was never a no in their answer to go to the marketplace. So everyone started to leave for the market at a different place and at different times so they won't misunderstand their opportunity with others.

Krishna was the last person to leave the house and drabbed in ordinary daily use clothes and some money in his pockets he left.

To fell the intensity of the storm, one has to be first devoured by it.

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