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1001 Chapter 1

It was a picturesque scene. Within the mountains of Green City was a place with a waterfall and a lake surrounded by forest. It was a silent night other than the occasional noise of night creatures. A teenage youth sat beside a lake, looking at the scene. The moon and the stars were hanging in the sky, and the waterfall falling graciously in the lake. It was a calm and peaceful environment.

But not for the youth. The youth was having a great battle of emotions within himself. The environment didn't match the expressions of the youth at all. Tears were falling like the waterfall in front of him, but not a single sound came from him.

"Krishna," a shout came from within the forest. The silent nature of the woods immediately lost its calm and peacefulness for a moment.

A teenage girl was seen gracefully running towards him.

"Krishna. What are you doing here? Mom and Dad are looking for you."

But after seeing the tears in the eyes of the youth, she panicked.

"Brother, Brother, why are you crying? Don't make me anxious, please. If Mom finds out about this, she will take the whole clan on her head."

Krishna looked at her sister directly in her eyes. She was her Second Sister.

The indifference in his eyes permeated in the environment, making a calm and peaceful environment, a bit cold. The tears and the indifferent eyes told a story to his sister.

"Sigh, so in the end it happened, didn't it?"

Hearing her words, the indifferent eyes changed, and it contained traces of coldness.

"Ok. Ok. Don't be like a child now. It is not the end of life. You were a genius at a time, how can you lose your countenance after a single loss? You still have the whole life in front of you. Even if you are no longer a genius in the books, you are still a genius for our mom and dad and us. There will be many Divyas on your way to becoming powerful. If you fail because of one particular Divya, what will happen to others?"

Krishna replied with a sigh, "Guess what, first love seems like a wish."

Or maybe it is all an illusion, he thought.

"Come on, brother, don't be sad, she will understand what she lost today and be regretful later."

"You are right, let's leave."

And they left the forest. Everything returned to silence once again.

Only Divya and Krishna knew what happened here. This was a place where they both used to meet. She was his first love, and he was hers. But nothing is set in stone. And so was their love story.

Divya told Krishna that they can't be together because she will leave the city and would be joining the Phoenix Martial Institution.

She was called the Second genius of the Green City until Krishna fell from his pedestal. All the chatterboxes beside him told that because his growth stagnated, his lover left him. But he didn't believe them, until today, she said it all to his face.

He didn't even notice her rapid movements and tears on her face as she left. The once a celebrated genius who had excellent observational skills, lost it all while facing the rejection of his first love.

He wanted to stay true to his love even after she left him because all the memories of them told his heart that all is not what it seems. In the end, the shock from the direct confrontation was too big, and it almost made him hate her. As the saying goes, the deeper the love, the bigger the hate.

His sister pulled him out of this quagmire. Although she didn't say much, it gave him some hope. A hope that he manifested in himself for his first love.

This one occasion was going to be the event that will be akin to throwing a rock in the ocean, and unknowingly it created a great storm through the ripples.

As they were leaving the forest, Krishna noticed something. A white cloth. It took him in the lane of memories, and he felt a great shock.

Why is white cloth here? She came here in a white dress, and it is a piece of it. Torn out purposefully. Don't tell me that the hope is turning into reality.

As he thought, his mind replayed a conversation with Divya when they were much younger.


"One day, If I am in trouble and can't tell the truth, then how will you know that I am in trouble and let you be my Golden Knight, Dear?"

"Hah, that is easy, Just write a coded letter."

"Uh, what if it doesn't reach you, or what if it is a trap?"

"Hmm, how about we get ourselves a messenger?"

"Powerful people can make anyone dead. Come on, genius, muse in your head."

"Then, there is only one thing to do. Use things so ordinary that others will not think about it at all."

"Nice idea. But what?"

"How about a piece of cloth that you are wearing?"

"Nice! No one will question why it was left. But what if I am locked somewhere?"

"Haha, Trust me, if they want to lock you, better be on my dead body. Hahaha"


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